"validVat": TRUE
"countryCode": "AT"
"vatNumber": "U23478923"
"companyName": "Erste Group"
"requestDate": "2022-07-29"
"adrz1": "AT"
"adrz2": "1100"
"adrz3": "Wien"
"adrz4": "Am Belvedere 1"
"adrz5": null
"adrz6": null


Validation API

The danubelabs VAT ID validator uses the FinanzOnline API of the Austrian tax authorities to enable comparison of your master data with the official records. Address data is broken down into six different fields, as in most ERP systems currently in use.

The test results are then made available via the FinanzOnline Databox.

Avoid Liability Risks

If the conditions are not met, supplying companies owe sales tax for intra-Community deliveries.

  • Provision of Databox excerpts directly via our web platform
  • Tax office-compliant documentation
  • Easy to use
Danubelabs Screenshot Single-Check

Easy Integration

Import of .csv, .xlsx and .xls files is supported and the relevant data columns can be selected through the easy-to-use column selector. Import templates can be added to your personal cloud storage to use for recurring checks.

  • Optimized for importing and validating up to 50.000 data-rows at once
  • Easy-to-use column picker
  • Import templates for recurring checks
  • Support of .csv, .xlsx and .xls files
Danubelabs Screenshot Data-Import

Data matching and filtering

The danubelabs VAT ID validator has a data matching algorithm that automatically compares your input data to the official API response and determines a match percentage. If the percentage meets or exceeds your defined threshold, the corresponding rows of data are marked as valid.

It is possible to store alternative names and addresses to be used for recurring checks, which are then automatically flagged as valid.

Danubelabs Screenshot Data Matching and Filtering
Danubelabs Screenshot Data-Export

Official Databox Certificates

Our software provides you with a FinanzOnline Databox excerpt the next day for each UID check that has been carried out. You can download and archive this in PDF format.

Pricing Plans


€ 0 /month

  • Includes 2 checks per month

€ 59.90*/month

  • Includes 400 checks per month
  • Additional capacity is billed with €0,15*/check

€ 29.90* /month

  • Includes 30 checks per month
  • Additional capacity is billed with €0,50*/check
*All prices are shown without VAT. Depending on your country of origin, additional VAT might apply.

Contact us for offers serving a very high demand of checks per month. We provide additional services that include custom branding, custom domain hosting or custom pricing models.

A Little More Details

Frequently Asked Questions

No, every form of cloud-storage is totally optional and can be configured to your needs. You can choose to use the software without storing any check-related data to your account, although enabling cloud-storage will definitely enhance your user experience.

Don't worry, the software will warn you every time you try to close the web-page when there are any unsaved changes left. And if you enabled cloud-storage, all of your data can be restored at any time anyways!

Yes! If you prefer to use cloud-storage, your data will be encrypted on the server side. And if you want to be completely sure, you can also enable client-side encryption, then even we can't see your data!

Looking for a detailed documentation? Check out the user manual.



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